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LU-G12 isolators/power suppliers

1. Technical Parameters:
1)main functions and features
● compact and insert-mounting/clip mounting
● Input, output and power supply are isolated from each other
● transfer DC signal to isolated 2 circuits standard process signal.
● With power indicator.
● With Zero and Span adjustments for output

●  current input:  current: 4~20mA,
input resistance: 100Ω (built-in)
●  voltage input:  voltage: 1~5V,
input resistance: ≥500 KΩ
    3)  output
●  current output:  current: 4~20mA,
load resistance: ≤350Ω
●  voltage output:  voltage: DC 1~5V,
load resistance: ≥10 KΩ

4) environmental parameters:
● power supply: DC24V±10%, current consumption 2W when aftereffect Wpp < 10%
● temperature for operating: -5 ~ +55 ℃
● humidity: 0%~95%RH (none congeal)

   2. performance index (to full span)
● standard accuracy: ±0.1% FS
● temperature drift: ±0.015%/℃
● response time: ≤0.5s (0→90%)
● power voltage affect: ±0.1%/permitted voltage range
● insulated resistance:
Input, output and power supply are isolated from each other ≥100 MΩ/DC 500V
● isolation intensity: input-output-power supply-ground:
DC 1500V/1 minute (DC power)
AC 1500V/1 minute (AC power)
● load resistance affect: ±0.1%/250Ω
● settling time: ≤3s

   3. construction and dimension
● structure: compact, insert-mounting/clip mounting
● connection: 3mm connection terminal
● terminal screw material: nickel plating around surface of iron
(screw arrowed wrest<0.8N•m)
● shell material: burn-bear colophony
● isolation: channel isolation (input,output and power supply are isolated from each othe)
● zero adjustments-range: -5 ~ +5%
● span adjustments-range: 95~105%
● power indicate light: green LED, light on when power supply
● mounting: DIN rail
● outline dimension (W×H×D): type S: 25×80×80mm
                           type M: 23.2×93×40.3mm
● net weight: app. 150 g

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