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Code of Ethics

 Code of Conduct

We operate our enterprise with the attitudes of honesty, fairness, openness, respecting human rights and employee interest.

We should respect other lawful interest of all parties related to us with the same attitudes.

 Trade Compliance


ANTHONE Company and its employees must comply with the laws and regulations of the state in which it is located.



ANTHONE undertakes to establish a diversified work environment. Employees trust and respect each other. Every one is responsible for the company’s performance and reputation.

The only standard that we recruit and engage employees is their qualifications and abilities for undertaking the jobs.

Morality level, professional level and professional dedication are the elements that we take into account while we promote talents.

.We promise to provide secure and healthy work conditions for all our employees.

We promise to make joint efforts with employees to develop and improve every one’s personal skills and abilities.

We treat people with equality and respect every one’s dignity and freedom.



ANTHONE promises to provide secure products and services with high quality all the time and to improve the quality of products and services constantly.



ANTHONE promises to establish relationship of mutual benefits and reciprocity with our suppliers, clients and business partners.

Through our business contact, we hope that our partners can comply with the Code of Ethnics consistent with ours.

Community Responsibility


ANTHONE makes efforts to become a trustable legal citizen, an integral part of the society, so as to accomplish our responsibilities for the society and community in which we are located.




ANTHONE focuses on the environment, promises to improve our environment management level continuously with an aim of achieving this enterprise’s long-term goal.


Research & Development


In the process of product development that we make to satisfy the needs of clients, we ponder over problems in the perspective of clients and the society. We work on the basis of reliable science, implement strict product quality standard and security standard.




ANTHONE firmly believes in fierce and fair competition. ANTHONE Company and its employees are confident in their own competitive power; they will operate the enterprise and participate in the market competition according to the principle of fair competition and other relevant regulations.