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LU-S14024 4-ch Analog Output Module


LU---S14024 can offer 3 ranges output of 0 ~ 20 mA, 4 ~ 20 mA, -10V-+10 V, the resolution is 12 bits. May set voltage/current set rate and initial output through programming, change output level via communication. LU---S14024 simultaneity has 4 channel digital inputs that can be used as counter or act as transient response corresponding to each output. The counter may count the external low pulse, the max value is 65535, and the count value can be read by the host computer. The event counter will auto reset when the module restart or be re-electrified each time. The transient response may automatically control D/A output fault when the input digital changes. There is 3000VDC isolation voltage between analog input channels and the module, it effectively prevent the module from being scathed by high-voltage surge. LU---S14024 supports Modbus protocol, RS--485 communication, has built-in optical coupler and provide 3000VDC isolation voltage. LU---S14024 also has functions of surge protection, surge absorption, thunder-proof etc.

Main Feature:

Excellent EMC performance

1. High Anti-Electrostatic, test result:
  Air Discharge: ± 12 KV
  Contact Discharge: ± 6 KV
2. Easy to pass 3 KV Electrical Fast Transient/Burst Immunity Test (EFT test)
3. Lighting Surge Immunity: ± 2 KV
4. Radiated & Noise Immunity Test
With noise interference simulated by multi-circle wire(Impulse amplitude: 1 KV, bandwidth: 1 µs) by 10 minutes, no abnormal phenomena
5. Voltage Dips, Short Interruptions, and Voltage Variations Immunity Test 
  Gradual change of voltage: ± 20% Ut,
Gradual change of time: 2 s ± 20%
  Voltage Dips and Short Interruptions: 40% Ut 
The duration time: 5 s

Analog Output

● Resolution: 16 bits
● Output Type: mA, V
● Output Range:
0~20 mA, 4~20 mA, -10V~+10 V
● Isolation Voltage: 2500 VDC
● Programmable output slope:
0.125 - 128.0 mA/s,  0.0625 - 64 V/s

Digital Input
● Channels: 4
● Logic Level 0: +1 V max
Logic Level 1: +3.5 V ~ +30 V
● Pull up current: 0.5mA
10KΩ resistor to +5V
● May be Event Counter
Max. frequency input: 50Hz
Min. pulse width input: 1 sec. 


● Mode: RS-485
● Communication Protocol: Modbus
● Isolation Voltage: 3000 VDC
● Surge-protection & Thunder-proof: Yes

Watchdog Timer Built in


● Power: Unregulated +10 ~ +30 VDC
● Power Consumption:2.6W`

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