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LU-502 food-Safety detector (pesticide residue)

LU-502 food-Safety detector (pesticide residue)


LU-502 food safety detector can be applied to detect Organophosphate and Carbamate pesticide residues in vegetables, fruits and water.



Under certain conditions, Organophosphates and Carbamate pesticide residues has inhibition function to cholinesterase, and the inhibition rate is positively related to the thickness of pesticide residues. This detector automatically calculates and displays the inhibition rate of the tested food samples by detecting the change of absorbency under specifically wavelength.



1. It adopts national standard method (enzyme inhibition method), has big LCD to display the change value of inhibition rate and absorbency of the tested food sample, and displays the real-time change process of transmittance;

2. It has calibration function (zero drift can be deducted), high measurement accuracy;

3. It is equipped with interface for micro printer and RS-232 communication; 

4. It can detect food sample without adding any apparatus by users, because this detectors are equipped with pre-processing equipments and full of reagent.


Technology index

● Source: LED 

● Wave length: 410±2 nm 

● Channels Q’ty: 4 

● Absorbency accuracy: ±2% 

● Absorbency repeatability: 1% 

● Range of inhibition rate: 0 - 100% 

● Measuring lower limit: 0.1 ~0.3mg/kg

● Interface: RS-232 

● Printer: SP-T16SHZ-153

● Power: 220V±22V, 50Hz±1Hz

● Outline dimension: 283×154×91 mm

● Main frame weight: 2.30Kg


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