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LU-R2100 Blue (LU-R3000 Colorized) LCD paperless recorders


1. Brief Introduction

 LU-R2100 blue (LU-R3000 color) LCD recorders may be 1 to 16 channels input, have outputs of status control, alarm, sensors power supply etc.


2. Technical parameter

      Display windows : 320×240 high resolution chart blue-white LCD

      Input accuracy: ± (0.2%F.S+1) digit

input type: Standard voltage 0-5V, 1-5V

standard current 0-10mA, 4-20mA

T.C:  K, S, B, T, E, J, Wre325, N

RTD:  Pt100, Cu50, Cu100

specially input: R, WRe526, the mV signal, other

output types: Switch output: Relay contact output (resistance 250VAC/0.8A or 250VAC/3A) 

the SSR trigger (12V/50mA)




transform output: 4-20mA (the load <650Ω)1-5V

                                 0-10mAthe load <1000Ω)、0-5V

Communication connection: RS232 or RS485

storage medium: U disk/256M, U disk/512M


Record :  16 pens

without U disk, 23.6 days /pen (1 sceond interval) ~15 years /pen (4 minutes interval)

U disk/256M, 256/4×[23.6 days /pen (1 sceond interval) ~15 years /pen (4 minutes interval)]

Storage time: T=storage capacity/ the sum of the reciprocal of each open channel’s record interval; when storage data is temple, the storage capacity also the total storage is 4000×504.

            For example: when the storage data is temple, the open channels are 1, 3, 5, 7, the record interval of every channel is 1second, 5seconds, 10 seconds, 20seconds, then

T= 4000×504/(1/1+1/5+1/10+1/20)=1493333 seconds=414.8 hours=17.28days.

(note: the total storage is 976×504 when channels≤8)

cut off protection time: the data can be stored forever when the electricity is cut off for it adopts FLASH MEMORY, it can run accurately when cut off if hard clocks is equipped.

Power source: Switch power supply 85VAC-264VAC, 50Hz±1Hz, power consumption 12W

Ambient temperature: 0-45

      ambient humidity: 0-85%RH

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